Family has always been an important part of Harold Worley's life. Born On May 11, 1949, near Little River, he grew up as the son of a sharecropper. As a young boy Harold worked in the fields with his Father and watched his Mother raise a large family by carefully planning and using the family's money wisely. Along the way he learned the valuable lessons of hard work and financial responsibility. He still remembers the long summer days working the crops with his dad, then sleeping in the back of the farm truck as they traveled home at the end of the day. Watching the strong work ethic of his Father encouraged Harold to follow in those footsteps.

Those simple beginnings encouraged Harold to work hard to create a better life and future for his family, and today he is a successful business owner, farmer, contractor and resort owner. He also gives back to his community through public service, is a supporter of the Little River Volunteer Fire Department and is the founder of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Graduating from Wampee/Little River High School in 1968, Harold soon became engaged to his high school sweetheart, Sandy Williamson. But before they set a date to get married, Sandy and Harold both worked for almost two years to save money and give Harold time to build his own contracting business. Today Harold and Sandy are the parents of three grown children, daughters Jessica and Lindsey, and son H.G. The family lives on the farm he once worked with his father, and his children work in the family resort business, The Ocean Drive Beach and Golf Resort.

In 1988 Harold, frustrated with a City Council that was more interested in politics than solving the problems facing local businessmen, decided to run for the North Myrtle Beach City Council and won. While on council he worked hard to encourage City Council to make changes and plan better for the future, and they did. Planning and growth are still a high priority with City Council today. Another goal while on City Council was to improve water quality for North Myrtle Beach. It became a priority for him, and the positive results still impact local residents today.

After four successful years on Council, Harold was urged by local voters to continue supporting the area and he went on the serve House District 104 for two terms in the South Carolina State House of Representatives. While in Columbia Harold earned the reputation of being one of the hardest working Representatives in the House. One of his proudest accomplishments was working with U. S. Senator Fritz Hollings to get this area the money and support it needed to renourish its badly eroded beaches. Today tourism thrives in the North Myrtle Beach area thanks to healthy and accessible beaches.

Harold continues to serve the local community by supporting the local chambers of commerce, serving on various boards and offering help and support to many local charities and organizations. He is a member of the First Baptist Church of North Myrtle Beach. In July of 1999, at the urging of several local business owners, Harold founded the now thriving North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau, serving as its first Chairman of the Board of Directors. His business remains an active member of the chamber, supporting its many activities.

Today, Harold is once again serving his community as the Horry County Council representative from District 1. Because of the many serious issues facing Horry County and District 1, he is working to bring about needed change and introduce new ordinances that will improve our County. Elected by an overwhelming majority in both the Republican Primary and the general election, Harold hears the mandate of the local voters and his goal is to serve them with dedication, integrity and hard work.

There are many reasons Harold agreed to serve on Horry County Council at this time. He wants to see County Council implement better land planning and zoning, and update the Comprehensive Land Plan. By doing this he hopes to stop the encroachment on our beaches and residential neighborhoods by developers. A major concern for Harold is creating a way for developers to pay for the cost of new infrastructure required by their new developments. As well, Harold will work on trash/litter and storm water drainage issues, keep taxes and fees from constantly rising, improve public transportation, and develop better recreation for all ages including the establishment of a new Senior Center in District 1.

Convinced that the future prosperity of our county lies in better economic development, Harold would like to see the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corp., a venture between public and private interests, receive more support and better funding from County Council as they work to bring new businesses to Horry County.

District 1 voters have told Harold Worley they wanted him to represent them on Horry County Council. With over 30 years of successful business ownership, one term as a City Councilman and two terms in the State Legislature, he is prepared and ready to take on the challenges that face us in the coming years.

If you would like to ask Harold a question or have an issue to discuss with him, please e-mail him or call at 843-249-1436.

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