Councilman Harold Worley on the Issues

Councilman Worley has and will continue to focus on the vital issues effecting Horry County's growth, quality of life, and financial soundness. Among those issues are:

• Impact Fees: During the years Harold has served his community in various elected positions, he has NEVER VOTED FOR A TAX INCREASE— and he does not plan on changing that record. Harold believes that imposing an impact fee on new building activity will provide the funds necessary to keep public services at optimum levels without raising property taxes. Without this impact fee, property taxes will eventually be raised to provide the services so essential to our quality of life. Horry County is one of the fastest growing areas in America. The families and retirees moving here every day want increased recreational opportunities, quick response from public safety during emergencies, better roads, libraries, and the best education possible—and current residents and property owners want the same thing! DO NOT BE MISLEAD—IMPACT FEES ARE NOT A TAX ON CURRENT PROPERTY OWNERS AND RESIDENTS—THEY ARE A ONE TIME FEE ON NEW CONSTRUCTION.

• The Loris-Chadborn Connector: This key road initiative establishes a long-needed access point to the Grand Strand from North Carolina, providing a four lane highway connector between the cities of Chadborn, NC, and Loris, SC. The initiative was announced following several meetings with the Columbus County, North Carolina Transportation Commission, and a resolution is expected to be introduced shortly. Harold has been working on this project for approximately ten years. He believes strongly in the benefits the Connector can provide our region by giving travelers easy access to I-95.

• The Hwy 31-57 Little River Bypass: This needed connector from hwy number 9 North to the state line is a vital link in finishing Hwy 31 from Hwy 17 south in Murrells Inlet to hwy 17 North near the North Carolina state line.

• The Myrtle Beach International Airport Expansion: Harold was a member of the Horry County Council team that designed and built the new eastside terminal building. After the westside terminal project failed due to cost and Zoning issues with the City of Myrtle Beach, Harold understood how important it was to first, get the eastside project underway, and second to build the project in budget,($118,000,000). That project is nearing completion and is in budget. He does not support a regional Airport in Marion County.

• The RIDE Initiative: Harold believes new state roads and improvements to existing state and federal roads should be paid for with state and federal gas taxes. However, Ride I and II were approved by the voters seven years ago in an referendum. Those project are almost finished and have proven to be a success. Harold has promised he will vote to allow you the taxpayer an opportunity to vote for or against a RIDE III ROAD program in the 2016 election cycle.

• Public Transportation: Harold has voted and will continue to support THE COAST RTA.

• Zoning Issues: Harold has fought to get the Highway 17/Little River Corridor changed to the new highway commercial classifications. He believes it is crucial for the county to address matters of zoning which have the potential to destroy existing residential neighborhoods and lower the quality of life every Horry County citizen deserves. Harold is opposed to golf course developers and owners who sell golf course lots, homes and condos then later, to the detriment of those homeowners, abandon the golf course to high density development.

• Economic Development: Harold has and will continue to support the ongoing efforts of the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corp. (MBEDC).

• Casino Boats: Harold understands the many issues surrounding the casino boats currently docked in Little River. He realizes as well that an attempt to remove the boats could take many years and cost the taxpayers millions of dollars in specialized legal fees. Harold has voted to allow the boats to remain but only under the stipulation that boat owners pay a significant fee to the county. Harold supports a $7 per passanger fee. This Fee generates over $2 million a year! Harold proposes using this money to fund the additional police officers presently needed to effectively protect and serve the citizens of Little River and Horry County.


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